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For Back to School


The tailor-made pickleball paddles for any student and their parents, Whatever you are beginners or advanced level players alike! come to enjoy pickleball’s joy!


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Paddle used in 10+official matches

Recommended by 100+ sports experts

For Begineer and Intermediatee Player

There are the ideal set from beginning to intermediate player. You Will encounter a perfect blend of superb control and power with the proper stiffness and surprisingly lightnessweight. They will be the first and best pickleball paddle for beginners and intermediate players!


Back to school price $31.19

For Professional

Place the ball exactly where you want it with an incredible level of control and accuracy. The EXPLORER series prioritizes supreme precision and speed—making these pickleball paddles an ideal choice for advanced players.


Back to school price $63.19


Back to school price $87.19

For School Club Activities

More Fun with Niupipo,Come to paly with your friends!


Back to school price $39.99

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Can I use this discount on all items? Or only the items mentioned here?
Only the items mentioned here have back-to-school season discounts, and the racquets here are all carefully selected pique racquets for the student body!
How long does the back-to-school discount activity last?
From Aug. 30 to Sept. 6
Can the discount code be used directly? Or do I need student verification?
Yes, you don't need to go for student verification, just use the discount code-20STUNIU to get the discount!
How is this product shipped?
Amazon's FBA shipping service is used to ship the items. The delivery time is normally between 2 and 7 business days.
How can I know if the racket is USA Pickleball approved?
You may verify if your paddle is USA Pickleball Approvedby going to the USAPA official website and searching for your paddle model.
The official website is showing below:
How long the warranty is?
All pickleball paddles come with a one-year quality guarantee to ensure that our valued clients are completely satisfied.
Is this different from the tennis game? I want to buy a new pickleball paddle and start learning.
Pickleball is similar but not exactly the same with tennis. The paddle you use is different with tennis racquet ; as well as different types of ball, court sizes, rules, and scoring. Watching pickleball videos on YouTube will be recommended before purchasing niupipo paddles.

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