Jack Foster, 20, began playing pickleball in late 2017 after being introduced to the game in gym class. He became hooked on pickleball instantly, using his background in both tennis and baseball to help guide him in developing skills of the game.

Jack initially took a keen interest in singles pickleball due to the athletic challenge presented along with the variety in shot selection which occurs in singles. To this day, he still prefers singles, but competes in both singles and doubles in tournamentsacross the country.

Jack’s favorite part of pickleball is the people who play the sport. Hestates that pickleball has changed his life and has allowed him to develop relationships with incredible people who he would not have met otherwise.

Known for his youthful exuberance and powerful shots on court, Jack constantly strives towards improvement and has a competitive fire in him that has helped him rise into the top ten rankings list for singles pickleball.

2021 has been a breakout year for the up-and-coming star, frequentlyfinishing within the top 4 at many of the highest-level pro singles events which the sport has to offer. He hopes to continue developing his game and climb the rankings.

Jack is thrilled to be a part of Team Niupipo and has recently seen more success than ever.

Jack states “Since joining Team Niupipo, my game has elevated to a level above anything before. The company is made up of a great team who has always been there to support me, leading to more belief in my game. Niupipo’s paddles provide a perfect balance between power and control, allowing me to showcase the best of my ability. I feel confident when I step out on court with a Niupipo paddle in hand and am ready to compete against anyone on the other side of the net.



Ignacio de Elia (aka Nacho) is a passionate athlete with strong racket/paddle sports skills and extensive competitive experience.

Nacho started playing Pickleball in 2020 and in less than one year he became a Top 20 Pickleball player in the World in Pro Singles. He has also won Gold Medals in both PPA and APP Tournaments in 5.0 doubles.

His goal is to always compete at the highest level and continue to improve his ranking. He is confident that the top quality Niupipo equipment and the great Niupipo team will help him achieve all his professional Pickleball goals.

Besides Pickleball he also plays professional ITF Beach Tennis, among other recreational sports like soccer and Padel.

Nacho is originally from Argentina and currently lives in Tampa, Florida.