What Type of Pickleball Paddle is Best

By Niupipo Team - November 19, 2021


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Pickleball Paddles can be sorted into categories in a number of ways, so knowing what type of Pickleball paddle is best can be difficult.

Pickleball paddles can be sorted by grip size, grip type, paddle core, and paddle shape. However, most players sort paddles according to construction material.

There are three main types of construction materials, namely wood, composite, and graphite.

Each material comes in at a different weight class, shot specialty, and power generation ability.

With so much talk of paddles of different types, the question remains,

what type of pickleball paddle is best?  

What are the differences and does it really matter?

In this article, we’ll explore these lingering questions. We’ll be comparing each of the materials and try to figure out if one provides you with more advantage over the other.

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Wooden Pickleball Paddles

Now, make no mistake. Wooden paddles are fun! They make a very satisfying ‘pop’ sound when coming in contact with the ball.

However, wooden paddles are not the paddle of choice for professional or regular competitive players. Usually, they’re used by players who are starting out and don’t have their own paddles yet.

Wooden paddles are inexpensive and easy to procure.

Check the price and specifications of the Niupipo wooden range of Pickleball paddles, including the MX-101 Pickleball paddle, the MX-102 Pickleball paddle and the MX-104 Pickleball paddle.

Wooden paddles are on the heavier side of the weight spectrum. But this added weight has its distinct advantages. It means power is your new best friend.

Heavier paddles allow for more “drive” to each swing meaning balls are hit harder faster and stronger. However, this added power is compensated for with reduced control and finesse.

Composite Pickleball Paddles

Composite paddles  are by far the most popular surface material used for Pickleball paddles in the market.

They’re mid-range in terms of price and have a proven track record of being very useful on the court.

Check out the Niupipo range of composite Pickleball paddles, including the Explorer paddle, the MX-07 paddle, the MX-08 paddle,the MX-19 paddle, the MX-23 paddle, the MX-24 paddle and the MX-25 paddle.

Composite or fiberglass surfaces produces a ‘pop’ sound during contact so hard-hitting players usually like them.

These paddles usually come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This puts us in a middle ground where we can generate some much-needed power while not completely giving up our control on the ball.

Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Graphite is another surface material that is really really popular among professional players and players that play regularly.

In terms of the price range, they’re in the higher end of the spectrum. Carbon Fiber or Graphite paddles usually back this cost up with the strength of the material.

Niupipo has a comprehensive range of graphite Pickleball paddles, so check out the price and specifications of the Niupipo MX-01 paddle, the MX-02 paddle, the MX-06 paddle and the MX-26 paddle.

These paddles are usually much lighter compared to other paddle materials. This built-in lightness is good for control and versatility.

Your games will feel much more fun and controllable once you get used to them. However, it is a bit harder to generate power because the paddle is so light.

So it might be a bit difficult for starters, but is a great tool once you get used to it. Bestracket.com wrote a detailed Review of the Niupipo MX-06 Pickleball Paddle, so feel free to take a look at it for more insights into this paddle from an external source.


And now for the verdict you’ve been waiting for of which type of pickleball paddle is best. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no definitive “BEST” paddle-type in the market.

Yes, graphite and composite paddles do provide your game with more style and diversity. But wooden paddles are often valued for their authentic, raw feel and low price.

If you’re starting out, go for a mid- weight composite paddle as this will allow you to figure out what aspect of the paddle or the game you really love.

Apart from that, decide what type of Pickleball player you want to be and choose the Pickleball paddle that will serve you best.

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