Wanna experience the charm of pickleball by watching professional tournaments or playing against others yourself on the court? Check the following information to learn about some main pickleball tournaments.


The APP Tour

APP represents the Association of Pickleball Professionals. The APP Tour is USA Pickleball sanctioned at the MMP (Medal Match Plus) level. Thus, it requires an active USA Pickleball membership to play in the APP tour events. The pros and amateurs are both welcome to register for the games.

As a leading brand in pickleball sports, Niupipo has two sponsored players listed as top 25 pros from the 2021 Beer City Open through the 2022 Sunmed LA Open in APP tournaments.

The APP Tour events are live-streamed to Facebook and YouTube via the APP Tour Facebook Page and APP Tour YouTube Channel.
View the tour schedule on their official website.

The PPA Tour

PPA is the Professional Pickleball Association. It is not USA Pickleball sanctioned, so a USA Pickleball membership is not required to participate.

Niupipo is an official sponsor of the tour and we have several sponsored pro players playing in PPA tours. We hope to help the pickleball tournaments keep growing and let more and more people feel the charm of pickleball by partnering with the events.

All the PPA tournaments are being broadcast live on ESPN3.
Click to see the tour schedule on their official website.

Click "pickleball competition" for videos of APP and PPA Tours!

Diamond Amateur Championship

The Diamond Amateur Championship is established to provide amateur players with additional opportunities for high-level tournament play. This can also be an important avenue for earning golden tickets to the Nationals.

Grab your Niupipo rackets and take part in the Regional Championships first to earn the pre-registration
or the lottery eligibility into the Diamond Amateur Championship!

Learn more information on the event site.

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