Playing Scenes of Pickleball

● Excellent Family Activity

When talking about a sports activity to play with your family, what are the limitations that concern you? It may be the excessive physical exertion and difficult technical movements for the elderly, or the high physical quality requirements and injury risk for children. If you want to find sports that can help get rid of these limitations and gather your family members despite their ages and experience, put pickleball at top of your list! No matter the location—a tennis court, parking lot, or even a DIY court—families can play pickleball anywhere that has a 20 by 44 foot space.


For Seniors

As a game with moderate energy consumption and simple rules, pickleball suits well the exercise needs of the elderly. The perforated plastic ball is very light and there's no need for a great force or a large movement to complete a beautiful hit! Since pickleball uses a simple underhand serve, it's easy for beginners to start the game. As matches often last between 10 and 15 minutes, it allows players to take numerous breaks. Additionally, as the court is tiny, there isn't much running, which is gentler on the knees. The following is a short video showing the rallies in a pickleball game.

Playing pickleball can also improve fitness and lower the risk of depression, which are meaningful health benefits for seniors. According to the relevant research,regular pickleball play of three times per week for an hour over a six-week period can improve cardiorespiratory fitness and blood pressure.

As for the mental health benefits of pickleball, the game provides seniors with more chances for social connections as the requires at least two players and more commonly four players. This can effectively reduce the sense of loneliness and depression of the elderly.

For The Kids

Pickleball is also an activity that almost children of all ages can enjoy. As a fast-growing sport, pickleball is gaining more popularity on campuses. Additionally, it's so easy to learn that your kids may become a "pickleball pro" in just one PE class.

Regardless of race, height, and weight, pickleball can be your children's best choice to obtain happiness, sense of achievement and healthy body. Since pickleball is a game similar to badminton, tennis, and ping pong, kids are also more likely to develop a life-long love for sports while playing pickleball and lay a foundation for other sports activities.

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