Places to play

Wondering where to play pickleball? See the following information to find courts or set up one by yourself!


Cities with the largest number of pickleball courts

Below is a chart of cities with the largest number of pickleball courts per 20,000 residents in the United States in 2021. Check if your city is on the list!

Finding nearby courts

To identify the nearby courts, we recommend going to the Official USA Pickleball Places 2 Play page. Use the search box to search by city, state, zip code, or location name. By clicking the Map button, you can search geographically as well.

Another website helps to find a pickleball court quickly is FindAPickleballCourt, which also provides the function to search pickleball court by location and state map.

DIY pickleball courts

Building a pickleball court that satisfies your specific needs will also be a good choice.

Visit the relevant pages on the official website of USA Pickleball for a helpful DIY guideline.

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