How to Choose Pickleball Balls?

Come one, come all! Learn everything you need to know about Pickleball! Here you’ll find all the info you need to make your first purchase the best one. 


1. Classification of pickleballs

Pickleballs can be divided into indoor and outdoor depending on where they’re to be used. So what is the difference.

  • Outdoor Pickleball

Outdoor pickleballs are made of hard, smooth plastic. This makes it last a lot longer, with small trade-off of being a bit more noisy. Its 0.9 ounce weight means it’ll be less affected by any wind. With its 40 holes to guide the air, each ball is designed to fly straight, and have a higher bounce Because it often bounces repeatedly on rough ground, it needs to be replaced with a new ball when it cracks.


  • Indoor Pickleball

An indoor pickleball is made of softer plastic designed for use in still air. It usually has 26 holes. The bounce is lower than that of the outdoor ball. The indoor pickleball is designed for a better, more technical control with less power, allowing for longer rallies. Although it is not as prone to cracking as an outdoor ball, the ball may become soft and cause it to deform. 


2. USAPA Approved Pickleball

1) Requirements for the number of ball holes: The number of circular holes of the ball cannot be less than 26 or more than 40. The logo of the manufacturer or supplier should be embossed on the ball's surface.
2) Appearance requirement: The ball's surface should be smooth without distortion, and uniform in color.
pickleball paddle

3. Niupipo Pickleball with USAPA Standard Desgin is your First Choice!


Niupipo Pickleball meets USAPA specifications in terms of structure, size, weight, and design. It is suitable for all skill levels. Currently, Niupipo can provide you with indoor and outdoor balls,meeting your needs in different scenarios. The plastic material used in Niupipo's pickleballs is hard and durable, which makes the balls harder and sturdier.    

pickleball paddle

4. Choose the Right Ball for Your Needs

1) Beginner

You can purchase our indoor and outdoor ball sets if you are a beginner. Experience various playing styles in different environments until you find your favorite playing scenario.

pickleball paddle

2) Pickleball Enthusiast, But Doesn’t play frequently

If you like to play pickleball outdoors, a 3 outdoor ball set is suitable. You can keep one or two balls at home as a backup.

3) A pickleball fan

If you play pickleball outdoors 2-3 times a week, it is recommended to buy a 6 outdoor ball pack to cope with the need to replace the ball with a new one.

4) An experienced pickleball player

If you have been playing pickleball for a long time and already know it well, or you want to play with your family and friends, the 12 outdoor ball set is perfect to meet your higher needs.

5) Pickleball competitor

If you or your children need to practice pickleball every day, you need to stock up on enough balls to change them often. Buying a 100 outdoor ball set is ideal! This set has a highly cost-effective performance that you can replace as you like.

6) Other scenarios

Maybe you only like to use one type of ball, whether indoors or outdoors. Choose indoor balls if you want better control of your serve and to get a longer return time; choose outdoor balls if you want more of a challenge from the pickleball. But be careful: if you play an outdoor ball on a wooden surface indoors, the outdoor ball may slip, so you need to be more cautious.


After reading the above, you’re definitely an expert on how to choose a pickleball and identify whether it is USAPA certified or not. Now, come to NIUPIPO to select the best pickleball for yourselves.