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We have been committed to charity projects and the development of pickeball!


Atlanta Area Pickleball Tournament

Win a paddle set sponsored by Niupipo

During this season, we sponsored several tournaments, one of which was the Atlanta area Pickleball Tournament, and we will always work with everyone to promote Pickleball even further! We always believe that the ultimate pursuit of sports is not to win but to be happy!

Let's congratulate the winners of the pickleball paddle set awards!

Nothing Is Unreachable, Pickleball People!

Listen to Their Voice!

Sponsorship Recipients1: City of Monterey Park: Pickleball Tournament

    "We are a very family-oriented community city located in the SGV and for the past few years, pickleball has became a massively growing sport in our community. We have expanded the sport by incorporating pickleball courts with our tennis courts, and since last year we offered a Pickleball Tournament in our community. It was immensely successful and would not be possible without the support of organization like you. During our tournament, we offer a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each division: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Last year we had a courteous sponsor donate gift cards for each tier for the winners. We also had some of our sponsors donate equipment such as paddles to raffle to our winners. We do not require a specific donation, rather appreciate what your organization is willing to contribute and appreciate the immediate impact it will have in our community. In return, we will recognize your company in multiple ways leading up to the tournament, on tournament day, and if you can provide us with banners with your logo we will be happy to put them up at our site on tournament day."

Sponsorship recipients 2 Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, CA.  

    "Last year, I founded the Paly Pickleball Club and its popularity really took off! We had so much fun meeting, learning, and playing at school, that we continue our weekly meetings throughout the summer even though school is out. I designed T-shirts for all the members and we welcome new members every week. Due to the popularity of our club, we often have students waiting to play since we do not have enough paddles. If you could spare some paddles for our growing club, that would be awesome. We could also use any other pickleball gear you may be willing to donate and think could be useful to our growing club. We would be glad to add your logo to our next run of T-shirts which all the club members wear on club days."

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