Niupipo Has Joined TikTok: Share Your Stories and Win!

We’re excited to announce that Niupipo has joined TikTok! This is your chance to share your pickleball stories, showcase your skills, and connect with fellow fans. 


How to Participate:

1. Follow Us: @NiupipoPickleball on TikTok.

2. Follow Jack: @jackpkbl on TikTok.

3. Create and Share: Post your pickleball videos with the hashtag #Niupipo and #NiupipoPickleball.

4. Tag Us: Make sure to tag our account in your videos.


Event Rewards:

Each month, we will select standout videos and reward the creators with paddles, exclusive promotions, and opportunities to be collaborate with our brand.


What to Share:

Skill Showcases: Drills, skills, and technique/form advice.

Match Highlights: Clips from memorable matches.

Training Tips: Advice and daily routines.

Fan Stories: How you fell in love with pickleball and Niupipo paddles.


Join us on TikTok, share your passion, and become part of the Niupipo community. Follow @NiupipoPickleball and use #NiupipoStories to get started. Let’s play, share, and grow together!


For more info, visit