How to Re-Grip a Pickleball Paddle


Re-Gripping a Pickleball Paddle

Besides the titular pickleball itself, your Recess Pickleball paddle is pretty much the most crucial gear you need to play pickleball.
So keeping your paddle in tip-top shape ensures that you’ll have many more games of pickleball in your future – and many more wins, too.
Grab some replacement grip tape and let's get started.

When to Re-Grip Your Paddle

For the best pickleball experience, replace the grip tape on your pickleball paddle after 12 hours of play, or when it feels silky instead of tacky – whichever comes first.

New grip tape helps to keep the handle fresh and sweat-proof, gives you a better grip (who would have thought?), and keeps you on your A-game.

Out With the Old: Removing the Old Grip Tape

If you’ve determined your grip is in need of a refresh, you’ll need to remove the old tape. Use scissors to gently score the worn-out grip tape, and then use your fingers to unpeel it from the paddle handle.

Stubborn tape?

Try wedging a flathead screwdriver underneath it and pulling up, or using pliers – but be gentle! Then, remove any residual tape backing as best you can.

In With the New: Re-Gripping Your Pickleball Paddle

The best way to re-grip a paddle with fresh grip tape is to start from the bottom of the paddle’s handle (aka, the butt cap 🍑) and wrap upwards.
If you’re right-handed, you’ll get the best grip by attaching the grip tape to the butt of the handle and then pulling the tape towards the right as you wrap upwards.
If you’re left-handed, pull the tape to the left.

Depending on the grip tap you’re using (or if you’re re-gripping a children’s pickleball paddle with a shorter handle), you may have a little excess left over once you’ve wrapped the tape all the way to the top of the handle.
If that’s the case, trim it with scissors by cutting a straight line just above the top of the handle. Most grip tapes have a sticky backing, but to ensure it stays in place, you’ll use finishing tape, and/or the silicone grip band that comes with each Recess Pickleball paddle.

All that’s left now is to take your newly re-gripped paddle for a spin.

See you on the court!