Halloween and Pickleball believe it or not are a great match!

Halloween is coming and you don’t know what to do? Well, here are some ideas that you can find interesting for this coming holiday let´s get to it.

You don´t know how to decor your house but you have tons of old pickleball balls laying around? This is where the artist within you comes out to play, did you know you can make really interesting decorations for home by using those pickleball balls, you can google it up and we are sure you´ll find many different and beautiful models and tutorials on how to use and transform those balls giving them a second life and making them as scary as you can we know you will have a lot of fun doing this kind of activities with your family or friends.

On the other hand, if you don´t feel like going out and asking for candies there are a lot of other activities you can enjoy during this holiday, for example, did you know that there are many events like pickleball tournaments which you can be part of, for example, the Halloween Havoc Pickleball 2-day tournament it’s easy to register and it will be really fun, we know you love pickleball so go for it and show everyone what you are made of!

Pickleball is such a noble game and there are many ways to confirm it like, for example, the Halloween Charity Pickleball Tournament, this event is meant to help and benefit the classic Wheelchair Tennis tournament like last year´s version, in this tournament the organization broke a record by rising over $36.556 to benefit de Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament celebrated on March of this year. If that is not an example of how great is this game and the people who play it, we don´t know what could it be.

Besides enjoying this game on Halloween, you can also go out and take your family with you, and have a quick inter-family tournament by yourself, you can see it as a great opportunity to invite, maybe, those cousins and close family that for some reason you haven´t seen in a while, everybody likes pickleball and more so everybody loves to spend time with family so what are you waiting for go get ready and get it done. And now that you are in it you can even get t-shirts with a Halloween pickleball paddles theme to match with your team.

And if you are going out to ask for some candy with your little ones and haven´t decided what your costume is going to be yet, just imagine how cool it would be to go out with matching costumes your kids can be little and lovely pickleballs and you and your wife could be the paddles, the costumes are no difficult to design and you can do it at home with everybody´s help enjoy doing the costumes and enjoy even more going out with them making good memories for the future to come and letting everybody know how much you love pickleball.