Best Pickleball Paddles for Kids

By: Jack Foster, Niupipo Athlete

With the youth demographic being the largest driving force behind pickleball’s explosive growth over the past 1-2 years, it’s no surprise at all if your child has expressed an interest in becoming involved with the fastest-growing sport in America. Do you want to get your youngster involved, but aren’t sure what equipment to pick up for them? Look no further. Here are two optimal pickleball paddle choices designed with kids in mind.

Niupipo MX-23 Parent/Child Paddle Set: 

This paddle set is perfect for any family looking to play pickleball as an activity together. Not only does the paddle set come with two adult-sized paddles with innovative technology and a cushioned grip, but it also includes two smaller paddles with a handle designed for younger children. These paddles still have the same amazing features as the adult pair, which is included in the bundle, but are manufactured in a slightly smaller size to best suit younger players looking to become involved with the sport. 

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Niupipo MX-01 Pickleball Paddle: 

It’s no shock that one of Niupipo’s highest-selling paddles is also a perfect fit for a child wanting to play pickleball. The MX-01 is easy for any player to adjust to; its graphite carbon fiber face and honeycomb composite polymer core provide effortless power and control which allow any player to easily learn and conquer the sport. 

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Pickleball is the perfect summertime activity for a family to take part in. Don’t hesitate to get your child involved in pickleball, it’s an easy sport to begin playing and there’s always a game for any player regardless of skill level! Be sure to check out the Niupipo blog for more pickleball stories and tips.

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